Hi there, I'm Adrian

I am a UX Front End Developer based in Iasi, Romania. I focus on responsive front end development, CSS architecture, front-end performance improvement and user experience. I have over fifteen years of experience, accumulated as I was being employed in web agencies, in-house teams, hired as a contractor or working on my own as a freelancer. I help companies of all sizes write better code on the presentation layer and create high performance scalable user interfaces.

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  • Adrian is a talented and critical thinking web developer. Developers sometimes just take marching orders and code up future problems, and Adrian is far more strategic in his approach, clearly seeking to understand the problem that must be solved and careful to weigh all the impacts to the code base as he implements. These are valuable attributes, and my favorite part is that his QC of his own work is truly next level. Combine all this with his passion for great code, it has been an honor to work with him.

    Kevin Barber Lean Labs
  • I was able to work with Adrian on an extensive web application build and several HubSpot web projects during his time at Lean Labs. During this period, he was able to make an impression on me with his in-depth knowledge of CSS, HTML and general web systems. He was able to pick up on our HubSpot development environment quickly and within a few weeks was suggesting ways in which we could improve our process.

    One of Adrian's greatest skills is his critical thinking ability. He's often able to identify aspects or scenarios that may not have been fully considered by the rest of the team and is confident enough in his knowledge to raise concerns when appropriate. This characteristic alone has saved our unit from dozens of iterations that can cost the team time, money and our sanity.

    I highly recommend Adrian for his frontend capabilities and strategic mind on larger builds or projects.

    Miles Ukaoma, OLY Lean Labs
  • Adrian worked in my development team and was hardworking, diligent and thorough. He was a ‘go to’ person and had a great work ethic. The results of his work were excellent and he often turned excellent work around way ahead of schedule. He also came to me with ideas on a variety of topics and areas and is very active in the various dev communities.

    Patrick Condren Ph.D. Sysnet Global Solutions
  • Adrian is a very strong developer with a passion for creating great user interfaces. He strives to be the best and has a passion for technology which shows in everything he does. Adrian will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any team he joins.

    Bart Cunningham formerly at Sysnet Global Solutions
  • Adrian has a huge amount of expertise in front end web development, which he implemented on a large re-design project our teams worked on together.

    He brings top quality experience in building future-proof websites, a good understanding of the mind of a designer, and strong problem solving skills.

    David Denham formerly at Symantec


SitePoint has been a great boon to my writing habits. They have published a number of my articles and I have edited the "Bootstrap: A SitePoint Anthology #1" ebook:


2017 has brought my debut as a speaker in an international event. I have been also heavily invested in running two local meetups (DublinCSS and CodePen Dublin) or as well as helping to run another large meetup (Dublin UX). I am now looking forward to get involved with the local meetups in Iasi and get back to helping other developers reach their full potential.

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For a more in-depth view of my skills and experience, please check my LinkedIn profile. Got a small question or just want to say "Hi!"? Twitter is the best way to do it.